Discovering Bolsena and the Southern Etruria (Tuscia).

My name is Cesaretta and I am an official tourist guide for group visits to this incredibly beautiful and interesting area of Italy. I welcome you to Bolsena and to the surrounding area known locally as Tuscia (Southern Etruria).
The name of this enchanting corner of Italy comes from the first inhabitants, the Etruscans, called Tusci by the Romans. The Etruscan civilisation was one of the most important in Italy before the Roman period, and this country is rich with archaeological remains. One can see the development of these extraordinary people of ancient times, set in evocative and lovely landscapes.

It is a land waiting to be explored, a paradise for lovers of history and gardens, and was through the centuries the home of popes, cardinals and noble families whose historic palaces still remain.

Bolsena is central to this fascinating area and overlooks the magnificent lake that takes its name. The lake, with many delightful towns and villages characteristic of this area and its two islands set romantically in the tranquil waters, is the largest volcanic lake in Europe. The water is also the cleanest in any lake in Europe and therefore excellent for bathing.

Stuff your eyes with wonder…...”